Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thankful for Life & Freedom

Blogging is one of my favorite things to do yet it sometimes gets pushed aside when I'm too consumed or going through difficult times. Lately that has been the case as my family suffered the loss of two incredible people that we loved so dear. We gain comfort in knowing that they are in a much better place then we are which brings us the peace & comfort that we need. Going through this experience makes me appreciate life even more and want to live it to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us. 

So today as we approach "Independence Day" I'm truly thankful for the freedom to live out loud, I'm thankful for the protection that our service men and women provide for our country, and I'm thankful for the sacrifices they make so that we can sleep well at night! I imagine it must be difficult to leave behind your homes, family, friends, and everything else to SERVE and protect us all but we are so grateful:) We honor your courage and commitment, at Pamper Me Sweets we want you and your families to know that today! 

We thank you, we thank you, WE THANK YOU:)

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