Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everything CUPCAKE {Part 1}

Have we told you how much we LOVE cupcakes?  Okay...I'm sure you already knew that, but today's post is all about cupcake things (most of them are calorie free)!  We wanted to showcase some fun & creative cupcake items we discovered on today's blog post so we hope you enjoy them:)  FYI, all the items below are linked to take you directly to their websites if you'd like more info!!!

Love this "Hello Kitty" inspired cupcake necklace from Erika's Jewels Designs

It looks so real but it's actually a handmade Fizzing Cupcake Bath Bomb from Lemongrass Spa!
It's all natural, paraben free, and has an orange-vanilla fragrance YUMMY:)

This photo was sent to us by StuffFavor Forever via Facebook, they made these adorable flip flops with cupcake ribbons! For more info email them at!

It's true...cupcakes DO make everything better:) We found this t-shirt on Etsy as well from Dressing on the Side and I can't wait to get one for myself!!!

I just had to post this one lol, I found out about this on Facebook too! It's called Cupcake Vodka and comes in a variety of flavors! I'm thinking it's time to experiment with this in a cupcake...what do you think lol?!?!

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